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I fell right off the edge of the world for a while there, didn’t I? It’s been a busy stretch (and midterms hasn’t even hit yet, Lord help me). Anyway, I am ducking in to do more than announce that I am still alive: I have just finally now gotten around to reading Bossypants, by Tina Fey, and if you have not, it is time you did too, especially if you are too busy to read anything.

Bossypants is, largely, a memoir of the development of a comedian and lady boss who is (just a little) frustrated sometimes that people are still shocked that a woman can be in charge of something that is not the kitchen. It is gaspingly funny. Some favorite moments for me include the time in college she hiked a mountain in hopes of some light fondling and maybe some dry humping her partner at the top, the crappy receptionist job where her only joy was passive-aggressively cutting the unlock-door buzzer off too short so people would still be locked out when they pushed the door handle, and anything involving her dad.

Tina Fey, for those of you who (like me) climbed out from under your rock this morning and said, “Wait–she was the one who was Sarah Palin that one time, right?” manages to be bright and attractive and still take unabashed delight in being awkward. She’s the ugly duckling who grew up and then decided being the duckling was more interesting, anyway.

At any rate, I laughed a lot even though anytime I looked away from the book, I was stunned by how much homework I had left to do. Speaking of, I need to go read stories thoughtfully and slice fancy art-store paper into 5.5 x 7.75 pieces for my midterm book, but I will be back soon!