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One of the things you learn when you’ve written just over 30,000 words in 18 days is that sometimes, you need a little push to get those words on the page. The answer, for many of us? Music. The first year I did NaNo, back in 2007, I was following Neil Gaiman’s blog religiously. He posted a little gem that had made him smile called “Georgette Plays a Goth,” and I fell utterly in love. The bright, unbelievably catchy, nigh-indiscernible song of a waitress who likes to dress like a Goth from time to time had just the right up-tempo perkiness to shake me up and get another couple hundred words out. It is basically my NaNoWriMo anthem at this point: I only listen to it during November, but in November, by gum, I listen the heck out of this song. Ladies and gentlemen, the magic of Tullycraft: