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Okay. So I’ve got just over 18,000 words, which is good, and work is mostly holding together, and I am insisting that this is not a cold, just a last burst of allergies, and there’s about a quarter of a made-from-scratch apple pie in the fridge. Things are hectic, but mostly good. I’m sorry I haven’t been around here, but basically every second I have I’m either writing NaNo or reading Madame Bovary for class. Fine, I am playing some Bejeweled as well, but only when my brain is too fried for more productive tasks.

There’s an impressively coherent new article up on the Canary Review about publishing NaNo novels, so probably check that out if you want to read something that’s not a total spazzfest. And now for a list of the things I bribe myself with in order to get words done:

  1. Slice of aforementioned pie (700 words)
  2. Episode of Dr. Who (1000 words)
  3. 1 and 2 together (meet daily quota even though I don’t feel like writing)
  4. Walk in the park (400 words)
  5. Bake something interesting (2000 words)
  6. Game of Bejeweled (350 words)
  7. Chapter of latest Discworld novel (400 words)