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The baby blog is a year old! Last October, I was in a state of near-panic because my E-Pub professor wanted us to create writer’s websites for ourselves. It was the midterm, and I barely knew any HTML (and still don’t–I keep meaning to, but there are so many beautiful books I want to read instead!), and making a website was going to be a disaster.

Then WordPress came along. I actually already had a WordPress blog, which I have abandoned utterly. The thing is that I love the idea of blogging, but I am really wary about doing one of those diary-like, personal blogs. More information than I want about myself on the Internet. But a writing blog, with book reviews and thoughts about my relationship with words, fit much better. I’ve even been brave enough to branch out and share personal news on certain special occasions.

Far from being a disaster, running this blogsite has pushed me in a couple directions I definitely wouldn’t have gone without it. I’ve got over 50 posts here, which means I’ve been writing, on average, at least once a week. I’ve really written more frequently than that for a while now (the first few months here were very slow). I’ve done guest posts, and I’m now officially signed on as a regular contributor for another blog. I’ve even had two articles featured on Dumb Little Man, and I assure you that writing blog posts played a large part in teaching me how to write articles for the Web.

What this blog really is, though, is a constant reminder to myself to be a writer. I hold myself accountable here: to submit, to finish stories, to read thoughtfully. I’ve written a modest handful of stories and mini-essays without the push of class deadlines this year, and I am hoping to increase that number (hi, NaNo). I am delighted every time someone subscribes or comments, but much as I love the fact that I have some readers, I love that this blog helps me write.

I’ve added a few birthday features. You’ll notice a new, “Popular” page, containing links to the posts and stories here with the most hits. Most surprising one for me? Months after I wrote it, I’m still getting a regular trickle of hits for Nick and Sheila Pye.

Another feature is upcoming: Beginning this October, I’m stealing another blogger’s idea and doing Flash Fridays. Every week (I hope I hope), I will post an ultra-brief story.

So many thanks if you read what I have to say on this site, and here’s to another year! Have an e-cupcake, on me.