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A prompt from WordPress itself! Given that I’m in a lull, this might not be a bad time to recenter on my goals (writing and otherwise). Here goes:

  1. Frickin’ publish something. I don’t care what. It’s been a goal for so long, and it’s getting harder to be patient. (Note: I sent out a handful last week, and have more for next week.)
  2. Save enough money to take two classes this spring instead of one. I know we’ll be in the thick of wedding planning, but I want to graduate in spring of 2013, and I’m not going to make it going one class at a time.
  3. Take a trip somewhere. I’m always happiest to go out of the country, but local’s fine, too. I just want to explore more before the year is out.
  4. Get back on my 500 words writing schedule. I spent about eight months writing 500 words a day, and got amazing at it. Then I completed the novel I was working on, took a break from those 500 words, and haven’t yet been able to get back on that wagon.
  5. Be a better blogger. (More posts? More subscribers? Haven’t thought this one all the way through…)
  6. Figure out what’s keeping kids from coming to youth group! Participation is way down, and I’m getting kind of upset about it.
  7. Do NaNoWriMo.
  8. Learn some more about HTML and CSS so I can play with interesting website stuff.
  9. Catch up on my back issues of the New Yorker.
  10. Get better at relaxing? Am I allowed to say that? I do relax, of course, but it’s rarer for me to find myself in that state of happiness where I don’t have a nagging feeling that I should be somewhere else.
In conclusion, saving resolutions for January is for chumps. I’ll make goals whenever the heck I feel like it. I am, of course, always interested in hearing other people’s goals as well. I kind of dare Mr. A.P. Sillers to do a mid-year resolution post (earnest or in jest) on his blog.
The glove, Mr. Sillers, has been thrown.