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The other day, I was daydreaming about wedding things, and all the plans Andrew and I have for the next year and change of getting ready for our wedding. Suddenly, a brilliant idea occurred to me.

“I’m on WordPress,” I thought. “I bet you a hundred peaches there are bodzillions of wedding blogs on this thing.”

So I clicked the “Wedding” tab on WordPress’s searcher, and lo and behold, the very first featured blog post I saw seemed perfectly suited to my taste. It was titled “White Gold Wedding Band,” which is exactly the kind of ring Andrew and I are planning on selecting for ourselves. I clicked the link, eager to hear this blogger’s take on white gold, where I could find the best white gold wedding rings, etc.

I have since performed the blog post, “White Gold Wedding Band” as a piece of slam poetry for friends and family members, and now it’s time to share it with the world. I’ve added line breaks to guide the flow of the piece, but I have not altered a single word. Ladies and gentlemen:

Essential Items within Considerate: White Gold Wedding Band

White Gold Wedding Band universally stay in the finger
no matter what the wearer achieve,
plus when they do their responsibilities throughout the domicile.

This reflects how they clutch their dear thing
very dearly,
although it can in fact damage the ring.

White Gold Wedding Band.

are better place in a secure point whilst you accomplish your cleaning otherwise crop growing.
Pick a secure site in your bedroom or you able to lynch the ring on a choker, hence still when you are not togged up in the ring,
you still bear it
everyplace you walk off.

An essential thing to bear in mind is to use a clean collar band
completed of lace, twine,
if not thread
and hold in beneath your top for shelter points.

With intention of remain the sheen, White Gold Wedding Band.

should to be polished regularly treating appropriate cleaner.

White Gold Wedding Band.

can be full to a costume jewelry warehouse for skilled clean-up
otherwise polished at dwelling
using jewelry polish kit or watered down soft detergent solution.
An irregular enhance wish
also be the ring
in addition the charms
in a fitness.

For this, you should allow it to the experts.